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Sri Lanka

If you wish to explore a mind-blogging citadel concealed on a solid bedrock, there is you should go but “Sigiriya”. Once you wallow in the ornateness of Sigiriya rock fortress you would no longer wonder about naming the ancient city of Sigiriya a world heritage site by the UNESCO.Sigiriya is a must destination you should visit during your trip to Sri Lanka.



Sri lanka

The visit of Polonnaruwa is one of the most important archaeological site in Sri Lanka. It’s surprising to see the number, the variety, the richness of these constructions & the sculptures on the cliff. The ancient medieval capital, at the time of its splendor, was unquestionably an exceptional city. What we see today, despite the mutilations, gives a pretty clear idea of its splendor.



Sri Lanka

Visit the sacred city of the island situated 115 kilometres away from bustling Colombo. Kandy is the cynosure of Buddhist pilgrims where you can see the sacred tooth relic of Buddha. Fix your Sri Lanka tour during August to witness the biggest cultural extravaganza of the island, the Kandy Esala Perahera.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island found off the southern tip of India. Part of the South Asian subcontinent, this pearl of the Indian Ocean, (as it has been described for time immemorial) is a travellers’ paradise and the scene of many a historic event. According to its earliest historical record the Mahavamsa, one of the first names it was called by was ‘Tambapanni’ because when invaders landed from India they noticed the copper (Tamba) coloured sea-sand. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka are a testament to the fact that although over a 1000 years has passed since this incident was recorded not much has changed in the natural beauty of the island.

Over the centuries Sri Lanka became a melting pot of cultures as it was continually influenced by outside travelers, traders and explorers. Early Settlers came from many parts of the world with, food, dress, languages, religion and customs left behind, intermingled and now form the multi-cultural experience that is Sri Lanka.

While sunny weather is generally the norm in Sri Lanka, the location of the island between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea means that it faces trade winds from both the East and the West. These trade winds bring the Monsoon which means that a thunderstorm can also be part of your magical holiday weather.

Come experience the magnificence of Sri Lanka for yourself and rest assured that it will be the holiday of a lifetime. Sri Lanka has many accommodation options for the discerning traveller. Top-knotch cuisine, stunning scenery, a colorful culture and amazing people all come together to make it the holiday of a lifetime.

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