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The name of Ceilao was given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese who occupied the island from 1505 to 1635. The Portuguese fleet, armed by the viceroy of India, pursuing pirates in the Indian ocean, but headwinds forced ships to take refuge in the port of Galle, November 15, 1505. The chapelain considered the monsoon which forced them to approach an island as prosperousas a divine intervention.

The leader of the expedition, Lourenço de Almeida, quickly befriended the King of Kotte and gets the monopoly of spices and cinnamon, a true wealth at the time. The Portuguese control part of the southwest coast of the island and built the forts of Colombo and Galle. The Missionaries has came in supporting the part of the population converted to Catholicism.

Ceilao became an island of fame and prosper having linked to the Crown of Spain and of Portugal for many years. The Dutch, who had already established strongholds in the Indian ocean, longed for this 'Garden of cinnamon' in the Ocean. With the involvement of the King of Kandy, they drove the Portuguese from their island successfully. The new occupants baptized Zeilan that became Ceylon under the English and Ceylon for the French before taking its primitive name of Lanka "the resplendent" on May 22, 1972. Sri (blessing), placed in front, a sacred connotation given to this 'island that houses the tooth of Buddha’.

15th ANNIVERSARY (2003-2018)

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