A country mystical landscapes attractive. It is certainly impressive size of India, who is employed by our imagination: The subcontinent extends over 3200 km, from the vast chain of mountains of the Himalayas in the north to the tropical and luxuriant Kerala in the south. Its population accounts for one sixth of the world's population, its culture is diversified and its extraordinary history is to turn his head. The part of the most visited India is the Golden Triangle which is part Delhi as well as Agra and Jaipur and their magnificent architecture, a legacy of centuries of Muslim dominance. But there are many other places to explore in India. The major cities of Mumbai and Kolkotta (Calcutta), are colorful, lively and full of charm, while the holy city of Varanasi and the grand temples of Tamil Nadu are high-rise pilgrimage. Visitors in search of pleasures more sybaritiques can bask on the beach surrounded by palm of Goa, and they have a European charm that belongs to themselves. 85 percent of Indians are Hindus, religious rituals and important dates are an integral part of daily life, including purification ritual in the Ganges and the deafening celebrations to celebrate the god Ganesh. It was in India that can also be aware of the inequities of the caste system. The mixture of tradition and modernity is one of the characteristics that makes India a fascinating destination: centuries of history contemplate, traces of pre-historic civilization Hindu British Raj until coexist with new technologies and the the largest democracy in the world, the Silicon Valley of Bengal is as familiar as the most remote village.



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